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Rob Crawford, singer-songwriter, musician and producer hails from Grimsby in the UK, where he cranks out his brand of energetic rock songs, pop ballads, accoustic gems and full blown masterpieces from his studio. Hermit Rock at it's best - he's a one man rock band on a mission...

He has been described by Jason Blume (writer for Britney Spears/Backstreet Boys) as 'a very talented writer'

Rob is working on his 2nd album 'Cross Fingers' and is inviting everyone to listen to the free fantastic tracks available here

Bit by bit the album has been carefully put together and Rob has been busy blogging about the progress, keeping fans up to date with the latest developments and introducing some amazing incentives to get fans involved in the making of the album.

So far:

- Fans have been invited to the vote on which album cover to use here

- Rob has published the 'Diary of a Song' series which documents the song 'When You're Gone You're Gone' week by week as it was being written and recorded, with demos created from each recording/writing session. The diary episodes are available here and the fantastic end result track here

- Fans have also been invited to appear on the album cover sleeve notes. Previous fans have registered their interest to appear on the photo grid of the sleeve notes of the album cover. The results so far can be seen here. Over the next few weeks competition will be available to go on the photogrid. photo-grid

Rob says, "It's really exciting to be able to bring these songs to people and get such great feedback and involvement. And as the album is being put together it's getting incredibly exciting because I know all the great songs which no-one has heard yet and just know they are going to love them.'

'Throughout the making of the album, I've tried to create the songs I love to listen to. When I started out I wanted to create the album that I would look back on in years to come and feel proud, I wanted to put absolutely everything in to make the best album I possibly could. I felt that nothing musically should be out of my grasp and to build (over 3 years!) the best collection of songs, the best production, the best album and the best experience I possibly could. I wanted to create the album I would want to listen to again and again and not necessarily the album that was easy to create.'

Press and reviews:

Jason Blume
Jason Blume (Songwriting guru with credits for Britney Spear and Backstreet Boys) said Rob is 'A very talented writer' and of The Proof 'What a strong, strong melody, the chorus is so strong all the way through and I just love that last line'

Grimsby Evening Telegraph
Steve Jackson - 'Jaggeresque sound to the vocal... has a Verve like potential'
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